Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best Birthday Gift Ever

...or why Alan Freer is a genius!

For my bday this year Alan surprised me by flying one of my bestest best friends out for a visit. Cammie and I met years ago working at the U of U and have remained close even though many states now separate us.
Cammie flew in on Friday morning (March 12th). It was so great to see her! The weekend flew by way too fast and before I knew it, it was was Sunday and I had to drive her back to the airport.

We ran a really fun 5K at Lake Mead that took us through old raliroad tunnels used during the construction of Hoover Dam.
Steph, me and Cammie with our cool medals post race.
This is what happens when you get a little slap happy from exhaustion. Delirious! We named it "Yogurt-drunk" since we just put down some big bowls of Yogurtland.
Trying to get a more refined photo before heading out to church proved difficult since someone (me) could NOT keep their eyes open.
For a more entertaining recap and additional photos from this weekend I encourage you to visit
Thanks for coming out Cam! It was the best! See you soon! And thanks Alan for such a fun birthday surprise!

The Karate Kid

Cole started taking karate at the beginning of January. He has been enjoying it. On February 26th they had a "graduation" ceremony where the students test for their new belt color. Cole was excited and nervous but he did great and advanced to the rank of orange belt. It was a fun event!

Cole wearing a serious look for the sparring section of the test.
Carson cheering on his big brother from the sidelines.
Cole and his instructor Mr. O'Hara.

The support crew minus Mom (who is taking the picture).

After we all went to lunch together to celebrate.
Yeah Cole! We are so proud of your achievements!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Valentines

My two cute Valentines at Cole's school celebration. They had a big ice cream social and a dance with a DJ. My boys can really tear up a dance floor. I love these guys!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Fun TX Visitor and My Bday

In February Leslie came to town for a quick weekend of fun, food and shopping. And did I mention food? We got the old gang together and hit up all of our favorite places. Including dinner and shopping at Town Square followed by Yogurtland! Pedicures! Retro Cupcakes! More food, Cafe Rio, Smashburger and of course another stop at Yogurtland! It was a fun packed weekend and we snuck in a little birthday celebrating too. Yes, I turned "29" again...

Leslie and Judy...

Alyson, Lana and Me with my bday cupcake at Claim Jumper...

Pedis (yes, my eyes are closed)...

We all miss Leslie and it's so fun when she comes to visit.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Carson is 4!

I know every Mom says this on their child's birthday but seriously!? Where has the time gone? I can't believe my baby is 4! Carson chose to celebrate his birthday with an army themed party at Grandma and Grandpa's house. All of our local family came and he was so excited to open his fun new presents and blow out the candles on his cake. Later that night he gave the presents a goodnight kiss before going to bed.
We just love this little guy and his fun personality. It's his job to be funny and make us laugh! He is such a special member of our family!
We love you Carson!

Catching Up...

Yes, we celebrated Christmas this year, lol! Here's proof! It was a very Lego, Nintendo DS and Kung Zhu Christmas for our boys.
Christmas Eve in matching PJ's...
Cole LOVES his DS!
Epic hamster battle!
Carson and the dragon to his really cool Lego Castle from "Hoho"...

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Snowing and Happy New Year!

Welcome 2011!
I promise to do better at blogging this year...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Staehli Farm

Cole and Alan had the Friday before Halloween off for Nevada day so we decided to do something fun that we'd never done before. I'd heard about Staehli Farm in St George from a few people and thought it sounded like something my boys would love. Yep! They loved it! There was a corn slide, tire swings, a "train" ride, rope swing, pumpkin patch and a corn maze.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Survived the Ragnar Relay

What is the Ragnar Relay?
It's a 195 mile race that begins at the Valley of Fire north of Las Vegas on Friday morning and ends at the Redrock Hotel on Saturday. You have a team of 12 runners who divide the 195 miles into 36 legs, each runner taking three legs. A friend of mine texted me about 14 days before the race and asked if I wanted to fill in as a runner on her team. "Heck yes" was my response before I found out which legs I would be running. Well, I was going to be running two 7.2 mile legs and one 4.4 mile leg, all of which were rated hard. Yikes! But the morning of October 22nd came and I hopped in the suburban with a bunch of strangers and headed out to begin an adventure of a lifetime. I had a pretty good case of butterflies going before running my first leg but once I started running the adrenaline took over and it was amazing. The scenery was gorgeous and it was fun having my team driving beside me routing me on. The second leg I ran was around 10:30 that night and my little sister Stephanie came out and ran it with me. We geared up in our headlamps and reflective vests and hit the road. It was fun having her along and keeping me company. Thanks Steph! We tried to get some sleep that night before our morning runs but it was near impossible. There's nothing like being completely sleep deprived and slap happy as you set out on an all uphill 4.4 mile run on dirt/gravel . When I got back in the car after finishing my last leg I was seriously overcome with a feeling of elation! I was pretty darn proud of myself for completing my portion of the race. It was then time to relax and wait for the rest of our team to finish up so we could cross the finish line and head home for showers and much needed sleep.
We had a few bumps along the way; sick team members a couple injuries etc but everyone did great and I was so glad to be apart of a team filled with such great ladies!
And yes, I will do it again next year if they ask me!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A couple of funnies from Carson:

His full name is Carson Blake. The other day I was singing a made up song to him in which I used his full name. And he says, "Noooo, not Blake, it's Birthday Cake"! So I guess his new name is Carson "Birthday Cake" Freer.

Pick-up truck = hiccup truck